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Our portfolio of businesses capture, verify, and deliver sales leads as an end-to-end marketing and sales solution. The verification part is where value is added, and this is the same for every organization but most don’t have capacity to do it themselves effectively. That’s where ClientHub comes in. ClientHub’s first customer is our portfolio of internal businesses, similar to how Amazon Web Services’ first customer was Over a decade of refinement and investing millions in proprietary technology, we have perfected the "first touch follow up" and are soon expanding our service to help others worldwide.

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We believe in others who achieve their potential. We celebrate the stay-at-home mom who invents a product that becomes a multi-million dollar business. We celebrate nonprofits who attract volunteers to help their cause. We celebrate the small business that aspired to and successfully grew into a global success. Along the way, every one of them needed a little help to achieve their potential. 
Sales and marketing is essential to growth. No matter how great your product or service or your marketing efforts are, if you are too busy to close opportunities (sales), or it’s too costly, you may never achieve your potential.
ClientHub eases the friction, or noise, between marketing and sales. New opportunities are generated through inbound marketing efforts as market-qualified leads (MQL), and the sales team must filter them to find sales-qualified leads (SQL) to eventually close them. Unfortunately not every opportunity is worth pursuing, but to find the few ones that are, requires sales to grind them all. We call this noise. This noise leads to costly sales team burnout and worse, missed opportunities.
Sometimes to get to where you want to be, you need help along the way. We’ve built the technology and network of support to eliminate the noise, providing that “first touch lead follow up" so sales can focus on the best opportunities. Better yet, we are soon creating opportunities through our technology platform, similar to Uber, to allow other skilled individuals to generate additional income verifying leads wherever and whenever they choose.
Join our team today and achieve your own potential while helping others achieve theirs!

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"I have been working for Client Hub for a few years, and I love it! The staff rocks, the ability to help hard working professionals across North America is an amazing feeling. It feels great knowing how many people I have been able to help."

Darrel Y - Sales Rep


"I have been working at Client Hub in the Support Department for more than 5 years now. Employee concerns are handled quickly and management really listens to you. The company is always growing and improving and it's exciting to be part of it. Client Hub offers flexibility when it comes to family matters and requesting time off and the staff all get along really well. If you're willing to put the work in you have great opportunities to grow with the company."
Jessie G - Customer Support


"Client Hub has excellent compensation and rewards. You also feel appreciation as an employee, which a lot of other businesses fail at.  We are continually working on the new things that are up and coming.  Our development team continues to improve the current products and services that are already in place as well as develop more customer offerings."
Brian A - Sales Manager 

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