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For sales and marketing professionals around the world, ClientHub provides lead verification as a service (VaaS) to bridge inbound marketing with sales using its advanced technology and highly-trained network of verification professionals.

Our team of verification experts has served businesses in the U.S. real estate industry since 2003, and will soon offer services to everyone. With  over 40% of sales leads unanswered, and even more unqualified, register now to learn how we can help you reach your potential.

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Allowing you and your team to focus on opportunities that matter most

As sales leads are obtained through inbound marketing efforts, they all need to be contacted and scored to identify the ones worth pursuing. This process of nurturing and converting market-qualified leads (MQL) into sales-qualified leads (SQL) we call "noise." Our clients send us their inbound leads and we contact them, verify information they deem most important, and score them to help prioritize sales follow ups. This avoids costly sales team burnout and missed opportunities while minimizing the "noise" they or their team must endure.

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce sales expense and burnout
  • Increase revenues
  • Achieve your full potential

1. Send us your leads

Send the leads you want scored and verified, and your key criteria. 


2. We contact them

Our human verifiers confirm the  criteria most important to you and score your leads.   


3. You focus on top leads

We deliver your scored leads and alert you of those that meet your criteria.


"ClientHub verifies our leads for us, saving us the hassle. No more wasted time filtering through our leads to find the top prospects. We send our leads to them, they score them and notify us of top prospects. It's that easy. Not only are we saving valuable time, we're closing more deals. Thanks ClientHub!"

Brian B., Sales Manager

Missoula, MT